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You are welcome to use By using and/or visiting this website, you signify your agreement to this User Agreement and Privacy Policy as follows:

Terms of Use:

1. This agreement may be subjected to modification from time to time without prior notice.

2. If you are forbidden from using our service in your area, please follow your local regulations or laws.

3. We are not liable for entanglement between users

4. The service we provided is free at present, but we reserve the right to charge in the future.

5. We have the exclusive copyright for all of our service. Duplication is not allowed without permission from

6. Attempting to steal program code or administrator authority by any means is not permitted.

7. We reserve the right to terminate any violator's access to this website.

8. We are working hard to improve our service, but we do not take any legal responsibility for any consequences due to the service we provided or software faultiness.

9. respects your privacy. We will not provide any of user's information to the third party without your consent.

10. Uploading files with contentious contents or without copyright is not allowed, otherwise, the user will be responsible for any legal consequence (including but not limited to legal cost, attorney cost etc). will not take any joint liability.

11. The contents uploaded by users do not represent the standpoint of is not liable for the input of users nor for the truthfulness of the names of users.

12. Selling of contraband(gun, drugs, or other prohibited medicine), transaction with other person's credit card, invasion into other people's computers and interfere its operation, distribution of computer virus, slander or infringement of copyright, are criminal behavior. Once found, will immediately report to police and related agencies. If you find any user uses the service of to commit any crime described above, please notify us.

13. The right to interpret above terms resides in

Upload Requirement: advocates universal human value. As a platform of video/audio, the contents below is prohibited from uploading:

1. Infringement of copyright or individual privacy.
2. Obscenity or pornography.
3. Violent or bloody description.
4. Racial or group discrimination.
5. Indignity or aggressive offense to individual or group.
6. Other content such as fraudulence, salacity or gambling message and any content against US law.

Uploading content above, the user will be warned and the corresponding account will be closed. The violator will be responsible for the consequence (including but not limited to legal cost, attorney cost etc). will not take any joint liability.

The right to interpret above terms resides in To protect the intellectual right, we reserve the right to delete any suspicious file that is not originally produced by the users.

Privacy Policy:

Your personal registration information will not be rent or sold to anyone or any organization,

1. You agree to share your information with the third party.
2. Only by providing your personal information can you get the required products or services.
3. We need to provide such information to the companies which provide products or services for us. (Under such circumstance, we will inform you in advace, otherwise, no company can use your ID information.)
4. We need to comply with the court summons, court order or other legal procedures.
5. When user violate User's agreement.

Copyright Policy:
As regulated in User's Agreement, infringement of copyright is not allowed when logging in If you think any web page or user of violates your copyright, you are suggested to follow the Copyright Infringement Notification Procedure.

Copyright Infringement Notification Procedure:

To file a copyright infringement notification to us, you will need to provide a information or statement as follows through
contact and email: A signature of owner of the exclusive copyright that is allegedly infringed or a signature of the owner's agent;
identification of the copyright works and copyright contents, for example, the cover and related pages of a published materials, or URL and webpage of materials published in web;
your contact information such as an address, telephone number etc by which the complaining party can be contacted;
a written statement that the complaining party declares that use of the material in the manner complained of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law,
and a written statement that the information in the notification is true and accurate, and the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed.

Principles of Responding:

After receiving notifications, will try to remove the related contents that are allegedly against the copyright as soon as possible, and will warn the user about the violation, and forward the name and contact information of the complaining party to the user, so that the complaining party can be contacted with if the user has demurral with the allegation of infringement.

However, the user's information will not be disclosed to the complaining party according to the Privacy Policy. If you need such information, you will need to file a lawsuit in US court first, will provide corresponding information according to the court summons or order.

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