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(35) Over half of young men said they supported socialism Share

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State Of Mankind - How Much Do You Know?

Excerpts from "How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World"


(35) Over half of young men said they supported socialism


Almost everything in the modern world is somehow related to politics. A single policy, law, incident, or scandal can send the public into a frenzy. The election of a leader can draw attention around the globe.

Most people only associate communist politics with countries under the rule of a communist party and believe that even those countries have stopped practicing communism. In fact, communism has concealed itself under various guises, such as socialism, neoliberalism, and progressivism. Upon closer examination, it will be seen that the evil specter of communism governs the entire world.

Superficially, the free world appears to understand the harm wreaked by communism. Yet in the 170 years since the publication of The Communist Manifesto, governments around the globe have been openly or covertly influenced by Marxist theories. In some respects, the free world has unexpectedly surpassed the self-avowed communist states when it comes to putting these theories into practice.

America is the leader of the free world and a traditional bastion of anti-communism. Yet in the 2016 election, an openly socialist candidate came close to the presidency. In polls, over half of young men said they supported socialism. [1]

In Europe, socialism is already the prevailing political force. One European politician said: “Today it’s a combination of democracy, rule of law, and the welfare state, and I’d say a vast majority of Europeans defend this—the British Tories can’t touch the National Health Service without being beheaded.” [2]

In communist states, the communist specter enjoys total political power. It uses the state as an instrument to commit mass murder, demolish traditional culture, extinguish moral values, and persecute practitioners of righteous cultivation ways—with the ultimate aim of destroying humanity.

Communist ideology persists despite the fall of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe. In the wake of the Cold War, following decades of destruction wrought by espionage and subversion, the specter of communism is running rampant across the entire continent.

Though the communist specter failed in its attempt to bring the Western world under its direct state control, it subverted the governance of Western nations by advocating socialist policies, inciting violence, undermining traditional morality, and causing social unrest. It intends to set the West down a demonic path as it goes about the destruction of humankind.

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